Jena Beckett


about Jena

about Jena

Jena graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2005, following her earlier achievement of a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2002. With a solid academic foundation, Jena spent 16 years in Alberta practicing physiotherapy before setting her sights on the Okanagan lifestyle and finding her home in Vernon three years ago.
Throughout her career, Jena has amassed a wealth of experience in treating diverse injuries and working with athletes across various levels of sports and activities. Having conquered her own injuries, she brings a unique empathy and understanding to her practice. Above all, Jena finds fulfillment in helping individuals reclaim their passions and return to what they love doing most.
Continuously striving for excellence, Jena has pursued training in specialized areas, including muscular dry needling (Gunn IMS), Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation, Advanced Clinical Reasoning, and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation for the treatment of Vertigo. She firmly believes in adopting a multifaceted approach to therapy, integrating techniques like IMS with hands-on manual therapy to address movement dysfunctions effectively and restore optimal function and strength.
Beyond the clinic, Jena leads a vibrant and active lifestyle. Whether it’s engaging in strength training, traversing mountain trails on horseback, perfecting her golf swing, camping, or enjoying lake time with her family, she finds boundless joy in the great outdoors. Additionally, Jena nourishes her creative spirit by delving into crafting projects and studying Spanish.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Riley was great. Super friendly and knowledgeable!”
Darren Schmidt

“Very professional and educational. Amanda was truly concerned with my health and am confident in her abilities. She listened to my health issues, was empathetic and gave first class advice. I feel privileged to have her as my physiotherapist. Five stars for Amanda!”

“Very professional and personable felt comfortable with Riley excellent in explaining what we need to do to correct our problems. My wife and I are very pleased”
Clarence Klim
“First experience with RMT. It was great. Mykha explained what she would do and communicated well on what to expect and do. Thank you!”
Jay Graham
“I’m so happy I found Riley! His excitement to share his extensive knowledge of the human body and care/attention to his patients is comforting and reassuring. He is attentive to all of my questions and concerns. Thanks Riley!”
Rachel Rozen
“Miss. Wetjen is very professional and listens to my concerns before each treatment and develops an effective treatment plan and I always feel better afterward.”
Brock Honey

“Terrific physiotherapy for athletes”

Morgan S
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the service because it has been great and professional with every appointment, and I have also referred many people due to this amazing service. Thank you Mykha Wetjen”
Tracey Best

“Today I had an initial acupuncture appointment with Debra. She was great. Debra also did cupping on my back and this wasn’t cupping I’ve been accustomed to. Typically, I had it where the cup is placed on an area for a period of time then pulled off, however, Debra was moving the cup all over my back and then left a bunch on while she worked the other side. I haven’t felt this loose and good for a long time. I’ll be scheduling another acupuncture and cupping session in the future fur sure. If you have Instagram, check out their page and watch the video that says, “Spring Cleaning” on it. Their page is vernon_active_health . 🙂 Highly recommend and the staff are great!”

B. G.
“This place is great! The staff is extremely friendly, and they all make you feel so welcome, and more importantly, they take such great care of you.”

“Riley and his team have changed my life for the better and I can’t thank them enough. Truly the best place in the Okanagan to receive physical therapy.”

Mitch V